professional Aircraft ndt services

Quality Matters

Price matters, but quality matters more.  A quality job comes from decades of doing good work. Nothing can substitute for experience, and AvTech has the most experienced commercial aircraft NDT technicians in the business.  Trust your airplane to seasoned professionals.

AvTech can supply a single tech for a quick inspection or a team of techs for a long term project. Regardless of the job scope, our NDT support will have your fleet back in action quickly without breaking the bank.  You'll be confident that the job was done properly and at a fair price.

Our NDT techs are certified to NAS 410 standards.  Let us show you how an experienced team gets the job done right the first time.

Inspection Services

Complete Aircraft NDT support

     Eddy Current


     Radiography (X-ray)


     Magnetic Particle

     Liquid Penetrant

     Engine Borescopes (full video)

        * CFM56-5 and -7

        * CF6

        * PWA 2000 series

        * PWA 4000 series

Advanced Aircraft NDT Services

     Eddy Current Array (C-scan)

     Phased Array Ultrasonics

     Linear Array Ultrasonics